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Paperclip Gemstone Bracelet 12+ Colors

Paperclip Gemstone Bracelet 12+ Colors

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Trendy 14k gold plated paper-clip style chain bracelet with semi-precious gemstone accents. 

• 14k plated is waterproof, tarnish-proof and faded-resistant 

• 7 inches + .25 inch adjustable 

Gemstones and meanings:

Black Onyx   *Associated with strength, protection and grounding.

Dalmatian   *Associated with playfulness, home, hearth and comfort.

Rose Quartz   *Associated with unconditional love, self-love, peace and healing.

Clear Quartz   *Associated with healing and spiritual growth.

Peach Quartz   *Associated with compassion, tenderness, forgiveness.

Green Aventurine   *Associated with soothing energy, inner harmony, grounding effect.

Tiger's Eye   *Associated with encouraging calm and courage, accepting change.

Lapis Blue   *Associated with royalty, strength, courage, wisdom and intellect.

Purple Amethyst    *Associated with enchantment 

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